Coptic Orthodox Church Channel
Saturday         10 April 2021         3 Paremoude 1737
CTV is the official channel of the Coptic Orthodox Church, run under the care and blessings of our Supreme Pontiff, His Holiness Pope Shenouda III, Pope of Alexandria and Patriarch of the See of St. Mark, may the Lord prolong his life for many years and healthy, safe eras.
The channel presents all manner of art and television programs which reflect the original proper Orthodox faith and the Church's message, founded on love and peace within a framework of professional international media, which occasioned its enormous success, since its first test transmission went to air on 12/11/2007. Moreover, the channel utilizes the latest state-of-the-art technology in the field of television production, be it photography, directing, editing or graphics, etc… to broadcast a truly unique television service. Those in charge of the channel are constantly developing the material presented, whether it be in form or content.


Mobile:   +2012-56-44-999
E-Mail:   opinions@CTVChannel.tv
Address: al-trolley st. - ard al-baraka -
st. mary's & st. shenouda's church - salam city - cairo
po box 3049 salam post office - salam city - cairo (for all mail, please write the name of the program on the envelope)

ctv also welcomes all your questions and
inquiries at our emails for each
program as follows

Program Name E-Mail
his holiness' sermons hh_pope_shenouda@ctvchannel.tv
suggestions for the channel opinions@ctvchannel.tv
i encountered him taqabalto_ma3aho@ctvchannel.tv
pulse of the ministry nabd_alkeraza@ctvchannel.tv
it can be solved leeha_hal@ctvchannel.tv
bread of life khobz_alhayah@ctvchannel.tv
an imperishable word kalema_la_tazoul@ctvchannel.tv
hoas erof hoas_erof@ctvchannel.tv
his holiness' books hh_pope_books@ctvchannel.tv
special episodes halakat_khassa@ctvchannel.tv
an idea for tomorrow fekra_lebokra@ctvchannel.tv
search the scriptures fattesho_alkotob@ctvchannel.tv
return to me... i'll return to you ergaoo_elaya@ctvchannel.tv
a house upon the rock bait_ala_alsakhr@ctvchannel.tv
where are you? ayna_anta@ctvchannel.tv
patristics abaeyat@ctvchannel.tv
is it i, lord? hal_ana_ya_rabb@ctvchannel.tv
try me garrebouny@ctvchannel.tv
who can find... her? man_yagedha@ctvchannel.tv
grandpa amin & uncle fatin geddo_3ammo@ctvchannel.tv
think along with us fakkar_m3ana@ctvchannel.tv
in the light fe_elnour@ctvchannel.tv